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2D Lash Range 
This super wispy lash will elevate your eyes to another level. Transform any look to fit day or night. It is your BASIC necessity
Our vision

These lashes are cruelty free, as we at Artiste Touch do not believe in animal cruelty. Help by making a difference to the reduction in real mink fur being used, by purchasing our faux mink lashes. They're just as lightweight and fluffy.
These lashes are re-usable up to 10-20 times. Please look after your lashes with care and put them back in the box once used. The band is ultra-comfortable, as long as you cut the lashes down to size to fit your eye. Please read our ‘how to apply’ section if you need guidance.
Lashes may vary slightly as they're all handmade.
  • Return/Exchange Policy

    Due to hygeine reasons our lashes are not eligible for a return/exchange due to change of mind.

    If you recieve a faulty product we are able to return/exchange within 7 days of purchasing the product. We will replace the product if it is faulty.

    Refunds/exchanges are approved under our discretion once we have inspected the product. You will be notified whether this request has been approved or rejected.

    If you are approved your refund will be returned to the orginal payment you used to purchase the product.

    Returns are only acceptable by proof of purchase and proof of return so please hold on to you receipts.

  • How to apply

    1. Remove lashes from the packaging, gently from the corner.

    2. Align with your natural lashes and trim the strips if necessary.

    3. Apply lash glue and wait for it to get tacky.

    4. Press the lash on centre of lashes close to the lash line.

    5. Stick down the corners close to the lash line.

    6. Pinch lashes with your natural lashes.

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